Azeite Salúquia – Virgin Olive Oil. – 5 L

Azeite Salúquia – Virgin Olive Oil.

The Cooperativa also packs virgin olive oils with the brand “Salúquia”, a traditional brand of Moura with a legendary imprint, from the time the Arabs occupied the Iberian Peninsula.

Salúquia was the mayor of Moura and was going to marry the governor of Arouche.

However, the Christians, ambushed in the dense olive grove around the castle, left the road, killed the Moors and donned their costumes.

Salúquia, who watched them from the tower of the castle, judged to be the bridegroom and his entourage, gave orders to lower the bridge.

But when he realized the achievement he had fallen into, he seized the keys of the city and threw himself from the tower. This is, in short, the history of the Salúquia.