Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil CAMB


The process of harvesting Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil CAMB was extremely rigorous and careful, and the olives were harvested and transported quickly to the mill, guaranteeing the total preservation of the fruits.

The extraction of the Extra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil CAMB was started by grinding the whole fruit, followed by a slow stirring of the obtained paste, long enough for the sharp particles of the crushed stone to groove on the walls of the fruit pulp in Paste, the channels for release of the olive oil retained in the cells. Under the centrifugal action, the oil was collected and isolated from the remaining constituents of the fruit.

After being extracted, the olive oil was stored in the warehouse for a few days, in a dark and cool environment so that all the fine particles of the pulp, still dissolved in the oil, could calmly settle to the bottom.

Separated the olive oil from the decanted particles, it was packed in a fresh and dark bottle so that, up to the time of consumption, the outside light and heat did not interfere with the natural bright green color or the original aromas.