Azeite de Moura DOP- Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml

Azeite de Moura DOP- Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The co-operative produces, bottles and distributes organic virgin olive oils from olive groves where no chemicals such as fertilisers or pesticides have been used. In this case from the olive picking to when olive oil is obtained the whole organic production process is completely separate using only equipment designated for organic oil production.

The extra virgin olive oils that are produced bottled and marketed by the Agricultural Co-operative of Moura and Barrancos come exclusively from local olive producers. The extraction process is entirely mechanised at low temperature.

Chemical processes are not used for refining defective oil nor are virgin olive oils mixed with refined ones to produce what is known as “azeite” (common olive oil).

Consequently the wording on the labels from the Moura and Barrancos Co-operative always specifies “virgin” which denotes it as one hundred percent natural.