About us

When the Cooperativa Agrícola de Moura Barrancos was founded in 1954 it´s main aim was to make the olive growing and oil production process more competitive for its founding members.

These changes came about with the purchase of a small private olive press.

As the number of co-operative members grew so did production and soon a much larger press was bought.

When in 1987 its working capacity had to be further increased, the co-operative made another purchase, a press that was able to process some 230 tonnes of olives per day.

By progressively increasing its size, through these acquisitions, the Cooperativa Agrícola de Moura Barrancos was applying a successful strategy for setting up and running its operations.

Its main task was to defend farmers’ interests by paying them the best prices, through selected market areas.

New investments have transformed the co-operative’s olive press into the largest and most up-to- date in Portugal with 850 tonne daily processing capacity.

With its advanced technology the press is efficient and clean and prevents the output of unwanted effluents. The press has a capacity for over 35.000 tonnes of olives a year from 20.000 hectares of olive groves owned by 1200 local producers, resulting in a yield of more than 7 million tonnes of virgin olive oil each season.

A further expansion is being planned to duplicate the press capacity during the next decade.

In its other sectors the co-operative markets cereals, oil seeds,and livestock, as well as providing its members with agricultural equipment, supplies and services for 4000 co-operative members.

The strategy of the co-operative has always been to continue favouring investment in the Mediterranean crops such as Moura olive oil, which can provide a competitive edge on the market due to their origin and therefore guarantee of excellence.